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 幫bill搵gf??! xDDDD

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PostSubject: 幫bill搵gf??! xDDDD   Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:45 pm has been searching for a girlfriend for Bill since Friday, after he said he wanted to find one in his interview with BRAVO. They’ve now posted a new article about people who have “applied” to be Bill’s new girlfriend. To read translations of both articles, by kennedyrosewhith and Heinz of our forum, look below the break. looks for a girlfriend for Tokio Bill
Who makes him completely happy?

He is young, successful, famous- and inspite of that, Bill Kaulitz (19) hasn’t found a girlfriend. At the same time he’s the singer of Tokio Hotel and has an endless amount of admiriers.

But everything gets worse: For 3 years Bill hasn’t kissed anyone. Reason for the slump: “I can’t pick up any girls”, he betrays now to the youth magazine “Bravo”. “That makes me very sad.”

Bill doesn’t have to flirt with every girl. Outside wait thousands of Girls, who would rather do nothing than kiss the super star. But the “poor” Bill is ruined in low spirits: “I am now 19, and that really hurts me all the way. I would’ve like to have a girlfriend with whom i can share my life.” wants to solve Bill’s kissing problem and looks for a girlfriend for him.

These girls want to kiss Bill Kaulitz

Bill doesn’t kiss since three years ago – something he should change soon!

Since last Friday is looking for a girlfriend for the singer of Tokio Hotel. And, the results are more than what was expected! Many girls competed and sent Bill their photos and letters. Every competitor want the same: to kiss Bill! The User “bienewed” says: “Dear Bill, I hope you read my letter. My wildest dream is to get to know you better! You’re incredibly fascinating and you have such a big aura!”

On the BRAVO magazine, Tokio-Bill told he didnt kiss for three years now. The 19 y/o singer believes he knows the reason for that: “I’m not a player”, according to Kaulitz.
However, he shouldn’t lose hope. On the contrary: on, the girls sent tons of affections to Tokio-Bill!

The User “BillsFreundin” can imagine herself giving more than a harmless kiss: “Bill, I want to kiss you, but that’s not all: I even want to share my whole life with you.”

睇完我覺得好好笑囉 Laughing
不過真系估唔到bill 3年冇鍚過女仔~
好鍾意佢句I’m not a player”!!!
正呀bill,,好男人 Razz
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PostSubject: Re: 幫bill搵gf??! xDDDD   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:41 pm

he can share his life with me!!!
plz dont lose hope!!!


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幫bill搵gf??! xDDDD
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