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 Violin on the Next Album?

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PostSubject: Violin on the Next Album?   Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:42 pm

Thanks to Sonia for emailing me about a magazine that quoted Tom as saying there will be violin on the next album. There’s a small section from that quotes Bill and Tom about the next album, and one of the things Tom mentions is violin. For a translation by Sonia and a scan, look below the break.

Bill, “Without a doubt we know that other groups will also come in first place,” says Tom. Or do you fear the end? Bill responds: “No, we would support it! We left everything for Tokio Hotel and going back to our old like would be difficult. To be honest, we still have a lot to give.” That’s why you’re working on your third CD. “We include something with violins, you guys will be surprised,” added Tom.



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Violin on the Next Album?
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