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 NEWS; Tokio hotel haunted by militant stalkers!

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PostSubject: NEWS; Tokio hotel haunted by militant stalkers!   Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:31 am

Post by News;

Threatening letters and hate videos on the internet: The band Tokio hotel feels haunted by four young woman from france. In a message they claim this to be the reason why guitar player Tom Kaulitz got touchy towards a young woman. The police is negotiating in this case.

The band Tokio Hotel is already being haunted more then a half year by the militant group of stalkers. The 21 year old, that got hit by guitar player Tom Kaulitz, is one of the four that mostly walk around masked or in disguise, young woman from france, reports “Bild”. The stalkers follow the band every step they take and threaten them.

Bandmanager David Jost has confirmed the incidents. One of the “disguised stalker girls” has assaulted a family member of the twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz on 8 April, reports “Bild”, this should be the mother of the musicians. Charges will be pressed against the assaulter, more will follow.

The gang, that calles themselves “Les Afghanes on Tour (The afghans on tour), reportadly have stormed the house of the bandmembers, and thrown egs against there cars. Also did the woman send threatening letters. In one of the letters that they got, the stalkers have announced a “little nightmare”. “We aren’t happy. We are impatient” it says.

Underneath the name “les Afghanes on Tour” there excists a now expelled profil at the social network myspace. Expelled is the page of a 23 year ols woman from Hamburg, that shows herself in a picture with a palestinian cloth over her face. As motto she wrote: “is willing to make the lives of other people a living nightmare”. Expelled is also a youtube video from Tokio Hotel, with in the heading “Tokio hotel, “Hey, we are….shit!”

The Hamburger police is now negotiating against Tom Kaulitz his charges for assault. At wednesday night at a gasstation in a part of Hambrug called Bahrenfeld he has hit a 21 year old in the face with his fist.

The woman has told, she only wanted to take a picture of the 19 year old.
After that Kaulitz would ahve thrown out a burning cigarette. The 21 year old then pressed the cigarette against his window after which Kaulitz got out of the car and hit her. The woman was accompanied by four friends.


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NEWS; Tokio hotel haunted by militant stalkers!
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