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 Kaulitz twins speak to Bravo!!!

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PostSubject: Kaulitz twins speak to Bravo!!!   Sat May 02, 2009 12:04 am

Exclusive for BRAVO!
Tom speaks about the girl gang that stalks them: “Its not fun anymore!”

This is not fun anymore!
Tokio Hotel live in fear for their families.
Tom and Bill tell exclusivly to BRAVO about the gang! that stalks them!

Tokio Hotel in the claws of a masked and disguised stalkergang!
Since 6 months Bill [19], Tom [19], Gustav [21] och George [22], and their families and friends are being stalked by a french group “the afghanes on tour”. They are insulted, threatened and even attacked! It went so far that Tom eventually lost control at a gas station in Hamburg last week and hit the 21 year old gangmember Perrine D. Now, for the first time Tokio Hotel-twins Bill and Tom talk about the accusations: “We have almost gotten used to it, to always having stalkers around”, says Bill to BRAVO.

“But if our family is attacked, the limit has been reached. Its not fun anymore!”

What happened? In the beginning of april, the mother of the Kaulitz twins were attacked by ” the afghanes on tour” in Hamburg. To gather evidence against the stalkers, Tom and Bill’s mom took photos of the girlgang with her mobilephone.The girls grabbed her and hit the mobilephone out of her hand. The mother reported the event to the police. This was not a one time thing!

Also other fans have been attacked by the french girls: “We have heard that too”, says Bill. “Its obviously not okay. I have no idea what goes on in the minds of the stalkers. This has to be stopped somehow”, the singer demands.
Many fans are now worried about their loved ones. They fear that the band are angry with all their fans: “No, absolutely not,” Tom makes clear. ” The fans should not have to worry. We would never place them in the same box as the stalkers. We know that our fans would not do something like that. On the contrary: We are so grateful that our fans are being so supportive.”
Some followers of the Magdeburg rockband are now taking it one step further: they have begun the hunt for the terroristgroup!
On the Internet many join forces. “RockStarStephi” said in a Youtube-video that she made with some friends that they plan an attack on “the afghanes on tour”.

“We want to go to Germany and make your lives a hell” she says. There are also other videoclips with threaths such as: “we will get you f**** ” and “Let the hunt begin”.

A war between fans and stalkers? ”The afghanes on tour have barrciaded themselves in Hamburg ”, says an insider.

This does not however calm Bill and Tom. They were supposed to be in Los Angeles with their producer David Jost [36] to record more song and guitar parts to their new album. Out of fear that the stalkers might yet again come near their mother, the trip was cancelled.

Not until the police can confirm in writing that “the afghanes on tour” will not come anywhere near the families of the bandmembers will Tokio hotel be able to fly to the U.S to work on their CD. David Jost: “The lawyer of three of the 'afghane-members' have been in contact with Bill & Tom’s lawyer.” He tried to leave a proposal. The people representing Bill and Tom were willing to agree to a settlement if the members of the gang could agree to never come near their families again.

”We have now gotten the message that “the afghans on tour” smashed their lawyers proposal”, says David Jost.”According to the information I have gotten that lawyer only represents one of the stalkers.”

An end to this terror does not yet seem to be within reach…

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Kaulitz twins speak to Bravo!!!
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